Welcome to Yummy(美味)Ponz(ぽん酢) Server!

First, there are some simple rules to remember!

Chests you place will be automatically protected, but area protection is your responsibility.

Server Address :

In order to get the password for the iron door, please read the rules first!

Commands "/gate" to move to gate area.

Free materials are available at the public facilities in the "TT" world!

For new players, we suggest building in "Dashimaki" world.

After you've built a home, use /sethome to save the location.
You can use /home to return whenever you need!

There's also shops and sightseeing to enjoy!
Map Introduction Here If you find griefing

If you vote fore YumPonz at JMS or monocraft with "/vr r", you can receive a small gift!

As a privelige for voting, you can creative fly while equipping Elytra!