In Minecraft servers, people can build homes, explore, and fight monsters. It's considered common courtesy to not destroy other people's buildings or steal their items!

Mining world = "shigen world"

If you want to mine materials, please go to [shigen world].

Don't branch mine outside [shigen world], as it will create a lot of holes and cavities underground, slowing the server down.

Ore detection mods, transparent resource packs, and any other methods to achieve block transparency are prohibited!

Streamers Welcome!

It's not uncommon for streamers to be playing in this server, so be aware that your avatar and buildings may be broadcast without permission!

Disputes can be troublesome!

If trouble arises with other players, please do your best to work it out!

If you're unable to solve the problem, please consult a server admin.

Don't harrass others!

If complaints of harrassment are recieved, the offending user may be banned if neccessary!

There aren't set ban conditions!

Even with such rules, there will always be some people who try to get around them.

If you're asked for a password

First, click on the door-- after the red notice appears,
type "/cunlock chickenjerkynilemonkaketeyattaze" into chat.
Click the door again to open!